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Kojaks and Aobaby by epicfallen
Kojaks and Aobaby
I was in the mood for KouAo. Actually, I'm always in the mood for KouAo.

I've never drawn people kissing, let alone faces from the side (that I've actually been happy with) so this was as challenging as it was fun. These bootyful men made it worth all my time Love 
Happy Birthday, Tsuzuku! by epicfallen
Happy Birthday, Tsuzuku!
The amazing vocalist of Mejibray!

I used a reference picture for this, and I'm in love with how it looks. I'm quite proud of how my one turned out too.

This coming week I'll have Sono's (Matenrou Opera's vocalist) picture up too..which I shall start soon. Yay for amazing vocalists!!
Happy Birthday, Hiro! by epicfallen
Happy Birthday, Hiro!
Okay I drew this on time for his birthday, but I forgot to upload it here!...Gotta love dat Strike In Fact look, huh...Chiyo Embarrassed Icon 
Aobaby Loves You! by epicfallen
Aobaby Loves You!
I only just realised that my page has had over ten thousand views O.O


That's crazy.

You're crazy.

As am I! Fabulous Pewdiepie Emoticon 

Aoba's wearing this kimono-sort-of-thing for a matsuri tomorrow btw.

Once again, thank you~


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Here, have some Sephy :3

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2014, 10:22 PM

My god his face is mesmerising. Just look at that shit. Tell me you didn't get lost in his eyes, I dare you.

Alright, Jana's played a Final Fantasy game, woopty doo! There, I've said it. Oh, did I say "played"? I meant completed. 'Cuz I'm a champion. Kind of. I mean it was on normal. And it took me a damn while. And then the ending caused me to have an emotional breakdown. Still haven't recovered. But yes THERE IT IS. WOO. 

Well my premium membership is close to expiring, and I've barely used it for anything aside from pretteh journal skins and lovely GIFs....I guess I'll be posting some stuff soon. I've got some drawings in the works for this art assignment that's due soon, and I've decided to use some lovely characters that I'm using for the themes I've chosen. *Cough* Gakupo *cough* Sephiroth *cough*. I'll also be bringing back one of my older cosplays soon, so I'll have to get some photos up as well. 

As for cosplays, I have to say that I'm quite pleased with the pace of Gakupoception :3 I do need to get the rest of my stuff together soon though, because I've only got a few months to go before my deadline. So that's another thing to look forward to.

I'll probably throw in another journal skin before my membership expires....or maybe I'll just leave Seph's face on my dA page forever. :iconpervysephirothplz:

Well, yeah, I'm off to try and get my hands on the next adventure....let's see how long VII itself takes me. 


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JANA!!! I found you!!!

(This is Vanessa, by the way :P )
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youre very welcome, its only the truth! ooh and thanks for the llama back <33
heheh thankie *whispers* but not as awesome as your cosplays
epicfallen Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Ahaha well if you like them that much, perhaps you'd like to watch me? I try to update cosplay-wise as much as I can ^^
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Thanks for the Smexy Llama! ;3
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